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Best-in-Class and Broadest Supply Base for F&B and Beyond

With the broadest category coverage and hundreds of contracts for F&B and beyond, Avendra enables you to save on the products and services you use every day.

To serve the full range of the hospitality industry, Avendra has developed a broad set of supplier contacts and offers a wide range of products and services. We secure best-in-class pricing on the products and services essential to keeping your properties operating at an optimal level. In an industry where supply chain assurance, safety, customer satisfaction, and brand integrity are critical, Avendra’s Quality Assurance (QA) team enforces strict standards of safety, quality, and value.

Strong Portfolio of Products & Services

  • Leading national distributors and manufacturers
  • Unique network of regional and local fresh food providers
  • Contracts focused on innovative and sustainable local foods
  • Export-import program for a wide variety of products

Improve Operational Performance

  • Our Quality Assurance team ensures your guests are receiving quality products
  • We manage price negotiations and supplier relationships, allowing your team to focus on internal controls, inventory, product specifications, purchase orders – optimizing your processes, purchasing power, and projections

Risk Mitigation and Protection Capabilities

  • Insurance requirements and coverage helping you mitigate risk, limit liabilities, and preserve assets​
  • Contractual terms and price caps eliminate a supplier’s ability to increase rates​

Tailored Purchasing Programs

Choose from hundreds of suppliers and leverage 5 – 15% savings across your purchases


Food and Beverage

Our customers have access to a network of international, national, regional distributors and manufacturers to cover your needs such as fresh & frozen products, coffee, water, food operating supplies, glassware, china and silverware.


Room Operations

Complete coverage for room operations, including services, bedding products, towels, in-room coffee makers , uniforms, irons, glassware, vacuum cleaners and more.



Products, services and supplies for facility management and maintenance, including air filters, light bulbs, paint, vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning equipment, plumbing supplies, elevator service and more.

Cleaning Supplies

Complete cleaning and sanitizing systems, solutions and services for housekeeping, laundry, pest control, pool and spa, warewashing, water care and filtration.

Export Program

With Avendra’s best-in-class contracted supplier network and our comprehensive understanding of the export process, Avendra offers significant cost savings and enhanced operational performance.


Spa Supplies and Equipment

Products and supplies necessary for the operation of the spa, including changing room equipment, towels, and bedding, essential equipment and operating supplies.


Administrative and Financial Services

Products, services and management and support supplies, including photocopiers and fax machines, employee selection services, office supplies, promotional and branded items.


Golf Course and Lawn Maintenance

Tractors and mowers, golf carts, grass seed, chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers, lawn maintenance and irrigation products and services.


Alcoholic Drinks

Innovative private label spirits, wine, and RTD drinks supplied through LeVecke Wine, Beer & Spirits.

Supplier diversity is critical to our business

Our mission is to identify and include in our vendor selection process, minority, women, gay/lesbian, veteran, and disabled-owned suppliers who can provide high quality, competitive goods and services required for our customers’ operations.

We have implemented systems and practices that enable qualified diverse suppliers to receive appropriate consideration during the qualification, proposal, and award processes. After implementation, we monitor the utilization of our suppliers to help ensure their continued success.

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